The Lady Demands Satisfaction Title
A sword-slinging farce from Arthur M. Jolly

Photos are from Gulfshore Playhouse (Edward T. Morris), Babes With Blades (Joe Mazza) & College of Charleston (David Mandell)

The Lady Demands Satisfaction

by Arthur M. Jolly

Find more about this sword-slinging farce for a cast of 7.

Published by NEXT STAGE PRESS.

When a young maiden who has never touched a sword learns she must defend her inheritance in a duel, she struggles with a milksop suitor, a servant girl posing as a Prussian fencing master, a Prussian fencing master who thinks he is there to marry her, a stodgy lawyer and her domineering aunt–the finest blade anywhere–to save her house and lands. Like all classic farces, everyone gets the ending they deserve in unexpected ways… but will they be satisfied?

Duchess Theodosia duels with an assailant

Upcoming Productions

Maplewood Barn Theatre

June 20th-30th, 2024
Columbia, Missouri.

Haven Arts Theatre

October, 2024.
Houston, TX.

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